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Radar detector and laser jammer Service

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Radar detectors 

We are happy to examine your installed system in your vehicle for errors. This concerns in particular the assembly of the components on the vehicle, cable connections etc. If the device provides an unreliable warning, this can have many causes. For example, it can be measuring devices that your radar detector does not warn of due to its technical features. Please first clarify all possible causes of problems, problems and error patterns with the dealer from whom you purchased your device. So software and setting errors or similar can be excluded.

The effort in our garage is difficult to estimate in advance and will be calculated based on the effort. In rare cases, sensors fail or certain other hardware components have to be replaced. As a rule, the radardetector and laser jammer manufacturers exchange defective parts with their dealer or repair them free of charge. However, if we need to do any work in our garage (component removal or installation), e.g. removal of the bumper, must be considered separately, i.e. cannot be billed by us via the dealer from whom you purchased your radar detector or laser jammer. This does not apply if you bought your device from us.

Software update

Radardetector software should be regularly updated, i.e. 2-3 times per year. This applies in particular to the speed camera database, but also to the firmware of the radar detector and laserjammer. Most manufacturers provide updates available on their servers at half-yearly or quarterly intervals. Depending on the product manufacturer, there are possibilities after registration to download these updates for a fee or via subscription.

Updating new software is usually easy and you should be able to do it yourself using a PC and USB interface, whereby you should have your own registration with the device manufacturer. In case of problems with the updates, we also help you.

Since the effort is difficult to estimate, it is calculated based on the effort we have in our garage. It is of course helpful in any case if we originally installed your device, because we always install the latest software version including the speed camera database on all radar warning systems.