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Radar detector and laserjammer installation - Procedure

Our professional car mechanics install the radar detector and laser jammers for fixed installation in the garage in Heidelberg in a very flexible and discreet manner.

Our garage is close to the city of Heidelberg and you can use the spare time for a city sightseeing tour. Many customers are very happy about this opportunity. It is also recommended to stay overnight in Heidelberg, many customers find a tour throughout the historic old town very attractive! 
After completion, you can pick up your vehicle in our garage again, we will demonstrate the radar and laser warning function with our test equipment.

Of course, our installation is also associated with effort and costs. The key factor on the total cost is what type of radar detector or which combination of additional components, e.g. radar detector, laser jammer, eso blocker, police finder etc. you choose. With our complete protection solutions, there are synergy effects during installation, e.g. regarding the search for power supply and dismantling of the bumper. Furthermore, our installation effort depends on your specific car model, e.g. the design of the bumper or the interior what might require considerable additional effort during installation. The possibly time-consuming search for cable ducts in the interior or for the ignition voltage depends on the vehicle specifics as well, because we can and will not use data bus connections of your car. Otherwise, that would lead to error messages in the on-board electronics of your vehicle.

Note: Only very rarely an error might be set in the vehicle's fault memory by the on-board system if, for example, we had to disconnect the battery. But this is not an issue at all. Any manufacturer's garage can delete this quickly and easily.

Basically, we can install the radar detectors and laserjammers in all vehicles regardless of the car brand and model. There can only be major difficulties with installation in rare cases, e.g. if there is not enough space in the front of the vehicle for the radar antenna or it would take many hours to dismantle body parts and special tools are required for that. For this reason, we ask you in advance exactly about the vehicle model, year of manufacturing and the chassis number.

The installation time ranges usually from 3 to 10 hours when our two technicians work in parallel, but can also be a little longer for exotic cars.

Our technicians will discuss the installation options on your vehicle personally with you beforehand, so that you can get an impression into what the solution will finally look like. This applies to the positioning of components in the front of the car as well as to the display(s) inside the cockpit.

You can go for a city tour in Heidelberg during the installation. Many customers are very happy about this opportunity. We will call you as soon as your vehicle is ready. Usually, the vehicle can be picked up again at the same day (even very late in the evening in necessary).

Buy your radar detector and laserjammer in our online shop (or at the radar detector dealer of your confidence) and benefit from our discretion and 20 years of experience in the installation of radar detector, laserjammer and other equipment! If you do not buy your radar detector from us, we ask that you send the hardware in advance, as we will test the device functionality before you arrive for the installation in our garage.

Personal and discreet service is very important to our customers. If you have further questions or need help, simply fill out our contact form under "Inquiry".
A team member will reply to your message as soon as possible.