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Radar detector Stinger VIP Stealth (with LCD Display)

Radar detector Stinger VIP with LCD Display - with laserjammer, eso and Blu eye

Do you value professionalism, absolute top performance combined with high ease of use for your vehicle? Do you always appreciate high quality and just want to have a radar detector with integrated laserjammer, eso 3.0 blocker and a warner installed before video tracking measurements of the absolute premium class? Then you should choose the radardetector Stinger VIP with the options laserjammer, eso 3.0 blocker and additional target Blu eye!

During the development of the radar detector Stinger VIP, special emphasis was placed on ease of use, clear user guidance and the visually appealing integration of the now colored high-resolution display in the vehicle cockpit. In addition, the radar detector Stinger VIP has an improved radar reception antenna (Multipolarity HD), which further improves the reception range of radar and further optimizes the elimination of annoying false alarms. All components have been reduced in size to make the hidden installation even more discreet.

The device consists of the multipolarity radar receiver antenna for installation in the vehicle front, the central computer with GPS receiver, an LCD touch color display with magnetic holder, a GPS antenna, the extension box and a USB stick for data transmission. The extension is described below.

You can use the included "Stinger Desktop" software for Windows and Apple PCs to update the radardetector Stinger VIP regularly and free of charge - so you will always have the latest software for years to come. New locations with permanently installed speed cameras are also updated in this way. More details:

- Can be used legally
- Clear color LCD display, adjustable brightness and removable with one hand (123x66x22 mm)
- Multipolarity radar receiving antenna
- Warning of radar and fixed flash boxes across Europe
- Warning of Section Control / Tutor with ongoing position display, calculation and display of your own average speed
- Scanning of all European radar and laser frequencies
- Integrated GPS speed camera database, upgradeable via Internet and USB connection
- Functions that are not permitted can be deleted at the push of a button (can only be reactivated on the PC)
- Minimal false alarm rate
- SpeedSense for alarm suppression below a selectable speed
- False list for the storage and future automatic rejection of false alarm sources
- Manual false alarm suppression using the mute button
- K-band shutdown possible via menu
- 100% protection against electronic location (VG2, Specter)
- Voice output and acoustic signaling via warning tones
- Spotlist for storing your own locations - Can be updated free of charge via PC / Mac
- Electronic logbook for route logging and subsequent evaluation on the PC, setting "private" or business before starting the trip, ideal for travel expense reports (not recognized by the German tax office, this must be done manually)
- Police check to document police speed measurements (storage of speed, location, time, frequency for subsequent verification)
- Safety signal display (transmission of signals from Stinger users driving ahead in the event of a dangerous situation, e.g. when braking hard)

Also included in the package: Laser & eso 3.0 extensions and Target Blu eye:

Are you looking for laser protection that impresses with maximum precision and reliability? The Stinger HD lasers record and analyze all known laser technologies. The increased sensitivity, precision and performance make the Laser HD the ideal system to outsmart even the most modern and tricky laser systems. The solution uses virtually invisible fiber optics (diameter 2.6 / 3.2mm), of which medium-sized vehicles usually only need two pieces: a receiver and a transmitter.

With the Stinger VIP + Laser, for instance, you can easily select in the user setting, if you want to have laser warning only, or if you want to have an active jamming of the laser. This feature is very easy to use. In case you want to use the laser jammer from time to time, you also can set up an "jamming uptime" with e.g. 3 seconds. That means, after an laser active jamming (you always weill receive an acoustic alert), the system will shut down after 3 seconds. Then, for a minute, any new laser measurement by the police will be valid. But you reduced your speed in the meantime. You also have an "emergency button" that, when pressed, deletes all the software. Then, the whole system is only a driving protocol application.

As small as a match head, these small Laser Fiber HD sensors can be accommodated in the narrowest gap. The Laser Fiber HD are used as transmitter and receiver. The separation of the components increases the sensitivity of the receiver, while the transmitter acts more strongly.

In addition, protection is required for the measurements that are becoming increasingly common in many countries. For example, AUTOVELOX is known in Italy and Spain and ESO 3.0 in Germany. Stinger fiber optics also include built-in protection against these side measurements. For this purpose, the fiber optics are to be installed invisibly in the identification pond holder. It should be noted that she gets a clear view to the side.

Also included in the package:

- Laser Analyzer Box for connecting 2 sensors for laser detection and interference by LaserShield
- 2 fiber optic side lasers for interference of eso 3.0 single-sided sensors (for connection to the Laser Analyzer Box) invisibly integrated into a license plate holder
- Target Blu eye against video tracking measurements (details here)

Stinger radar detectors are developed and produced in the Netherlands exclusively for European road conditions, they are only available for hidden fixed installation in the vehicle. The devices have a modular structure and are perfectly integrated with one another in order to protect themselves against almost all known measuring systems. This will alert you to radar, fixed flash cases, and Section Control / Tutor with a Stinger Radar Alert System. With optional and easy-to-connect add-on modules, you actively protect against laser measurements of all kinds (laser guns, binoculars, Vitronic, Poliscan ...) and single-sided sensor photoelectric sensors (Optospeed, eso 3.0, autovelox). With the latest patented technology, radar and laser are recognized with the highest precision and maximum range, the integrated GPS system with Europe-wide speed camera database offers many additional functions. Only in front of the rarely encountered triplet light barriers can not be warned. The known problem of frequently occurring false alarms has also been reduced to an absolute minimum. Of course, all Stinger radar detectors are fully protected against electronic location.

Unique in terms of legal situation: the software-sided possibility of manual deletion of individual warning functions enables the Stinger devices to be distributed throughout Europe and used depending on the local legal situation. You should therefore make sure that you only use the functions of the Stinger that are permitted on site (e.g. safety signals or the electronic logbook). You can only get problems in the event of a control if you actively use any functions that are not permitted. After you have deleted the functions quickly and easily at the push of a button, they can only be reactivated on the PC. As a result, the device can be used legally after deleting unauthorized functions and can no longer be made operational as an "unauthorized radar detector" for a short time.

About speed measurements with radar ("speed trap")

The meter from the authorities can be installed in a vehicle or on a roadside tripod or fixed in a box. It controls the incoming traffic and is effective up to a distance of 40 m. The radar radiation hits the vehicle and is reflected. As the vehicle moves toward the meter, the frequency of the reflected radiation increases. The pace is calculated from this. If it is above the limit, a photo ("with flash") is triggered to capture license plates and drivers. The measured pace is shown in the photo. Radar measurements are used all over Europe, a real-time warning by a high-quality fixed radar detector is possible without any problems.

About speed measurements with laser ("laser gun")

With a laser measurement, the incoming and outgoing traffic can be checked up to about 300m away. The device is operated by hand or on a tripod. In the process, invisible light pulses are emitted that reflect the license plate number. From the duration of these pulses, the tempo is calculated. For a valid measurement, the license plate must be aimed with the help of a visor. If not all of the emitted signals are received again without interference, for example because of a heavily soiled car, the device automatically stops the measurement. This also applies if individual values ​​are outside the tolerance, for example due to blurring. Since no photo is taken during lasering, the vehicle must be stopped immediately after the measurement in order to log the driver and vehicle data in addition to the measured values. Laser measurements are used in Germany and are also very widespread across Europe. An ideal solution is the complete prevention of a measurement by using a laser jammer (e.g. Antilaser Priority Dual).

Speed measurements with single-sided sensor eso 3.0 ("light barrier")

In recent years, a new mobile measuring device has become popular, particularly in Germany: the so-called "single-sided sensor eso 3.0", which is sometimes referred to as light barrier measurement due to the previous generations. The measuring device eso 3.0 is distinctive due to its characteristic structure and can be easily recognized due to the large number of photos on the Internet. In principle, proven radar detectors and laser systems remain ineffective here since neither radar nor laser light waves are emitted by the measuring device. After no protection was possible for a long time, there is now a remedy in the form of the eso guard PRO, which is installed as a fixed installation solution on the license plate. 

About stationary speed measurements ("starter box")

The measuring device (also called "fixed speed camera" or "flash column") is permanently installed on the roadside. It controls the incoming traffic and is effective at a distance of 3-15m. In doing so, an induction loop triggers a signal in the road or, in the case of modern flashing columns, laser radiation hits the vehicle and is reflected. If the vehicle moves towards the measuring system, the light frequency of the reflected laser radiation increases. The pace is calculated from this. If it is above the limit, a photo ("with flash") is triggered to capture license plates and drivers. The measured pace is shown in the photo.
This method of measurement can be found everywhere in Europe, a timely warning by a radar detector with integrated GPS speed camera database is easily possible.

Speed measurements with follow-up video ("PROVIDA video car")

In a video tracking measurement, the measuring vehicle, which is often not recognizable as such, travels behind the car to be checked over a distance of at least 300 m. A video camera captures the monitored car, and a computer connected to the speedometer calculates the average speed on the track. There is a tolerance deduction of 5 km / h. This measurement method is used regularly on motorways in Germany, mostly it is vehicles of German brands of the middle and upper class.The warning and protection by radar detectors or laser interference is technically not possible. The Target Blueye does provide a warning based on TETRA technology (check your country whether TETRA is used in your country).

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