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October 13, 2021

Are radar detectors and laser jammers prohibited?

Radar detectors and laser jammers in Germany and other countries

For many years the legal admissibility and possible criminal liability of radar detectors was discussed in public. For a long time, opinions diverged very widely. This is due in particular to the multiple changes in German legislation and, based on this, the actual case law. In addition, the opinion based on a personal sense of justice "... that cannot be allowed ..." is often to be found.

In Germany the use of radar detectors and laser jammers is an "administrative offense" only.

For this offense (use of radar detectors, laser jammers and similar devices) there is a fine of EUR 75 and 1 point in the Flensburg traffic offender register.

Please note: This is the final proof that electronic devices that warn drivers of speed cameras actually work (in Germany and other countries). The legislature has sanctioned its use as an administrative offense. The Federal Council passed a corresponding ordinance according to which a fine of EUR 75 is due if motorists “evade traffic monitoring through technical devices”. In addition, there is a risk of a point entry in the Flensburg register and, at the moment of discovery, the confiscation of the device, which may have to be removed and then later handed over to the authorities.

Radar detectors and laser jammers in other EU countries and in Switzerland

In the countries of the European Union there are different legislations regarding the possession and operation of radar detectors and laser jammers. The use is  sometimes partly permitted, partly not permitted or absolutely not permitted. These radar detector legislations in each country may also be subject to regular changes.

We hereby need to point out that the possession and / or operation of such a radar detector and laser jammer may not be permitted in various countries. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with the legal situation in the country you are travelling before using the device inside the car. If necessary, you can deactivate the radar detection or laser jammer function for fixed-mounted devices like the Stinger VIP.

For reasons of competition law (UWB), this website is therefore not aimed at interested parties from Germany (UWB).

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