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October 13, 2021

Radar measurements with the "real" radar camera

The term "radar camera" is frequently used to refer to all types of speed measurements. Nevertheless, in the technical sense it is only one type of measurement, albeit the oldest. A mobile radar speed works as follows:

Technical principle of radar speed camera

The radar measuring device is set up on the side of the road and sends electromagnetic waves (radar waves in a certain frequency range) to a section of the road. As soon as a car enters the area or this section, these radar waves are reflected by it and sent back or reflected to the radar measuring camera. This will change the originally transmitted electromagnetic signals, which is also known as “Doppler effect”.

On the basis of the decreasing distance between the vehicle and the radar camera, the speed at which the speed is driven can be determined by a computer calculation.
If the measured speed exceeds the maximum allow limit previously set on the speed camera, this usually triggers a red flash and the integrated speed camera takes a photo.

Appearance and installation of radar gauge

The radar measuring speed camera can be installed inside a vehicle or on a tripod at the roadside or permanently in a box. It controls incoming traffic and is effective up to a distance of 40 m. In this area, the radar radiation hits the measured car and is reflected. If the vehicle moves towards the radar camera, the frequency of the reflected radiation increases. The speed is calculated from this data. If it is above the limit, a photo ("with flash") is triggered to capture license plates as well as the driver. The measured speed is displayed on the photo.

Dissemination and protection options

Radar measurements are used all over Europe, a timely warning by a high-quality fixed-mounted radar detector by scanning the radar frequencies (K-band, Ka-band, X-band) such as the Stinger VIP or the Stinger Card is possible without any problems. The sensitivity of the radar detector and its antenna determines the range and warning distance. High-quality radar detectors for permanent installation scan all frequencies known in Europe and can also be activated and flexibly configurated by the user.

A warning of several hundred meters is possible on the open road. But please  not, it is not technically possible to disrupt this measurement (no jamming). 

False alarms from radar detectors

False alarms can occur especially on the K-band. The triggers are usually automatic door openers, e.g. at petrol stations and shops in inner-city locations. Premium radar detectors such as the Stinger VIP radar detector have automatic false alarm filters, which also intelligently suppress false alarms depending on the speed at which you are driving or the location (benefit of the integrated GPS function).

Recommended radar detectors for permanent installation

Stinger VIP basic system
Stinger Card basic sysem
Genevo Assist basic system


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