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October 13, 2021

Radar detectors and laser jammers invisible installed?

The superior performance of a high-quality radar detector / laser jammer / GPS speed camera warning system for permanent installation in your car will convince you in a short period of time. Certainly, to achieve such a great  invisible appearance and unique radar and laser protection functionality, some  bumper parts have to be removed and the electric connection to the on-board voltage is necessary to be installed besides the cockpit display.
For interested customers, it is important who can discreetly and professionally install the fixed radar detectors and laser jammers and, if necessary, remove them later again, e.g. in the case of the return of leased cars, without leaving any residue. That's what we offer for 20 years! The radar detectors and laser jammers can then be used again and  re-installed to any other or new car. The appearance of your car will not be changed by radar detectors and laser jammers and no one knows or can recognize what great equipment is installed.

Radar warning possible in all cars?

In principle, we can install the radar detectors and laser jammers in all vehicle types, regardless of the brand, and we also can uninstall them again without leaving any residue. There are only seldom cases of greater difficulties when installing radar detectors and laser jammers, e.g. if there is not enough space for the radar antenna in the front of the car or if the dismantling of body parts would take too many hours and special car-specific tools are required. For this reason and to avoid any surprises when you are on site, we ask you in advance for the car brand, vehicle model, year of manufacture and ideally the chassis number. So we can prepare best to install the radar detector and laser jammer to your car.

How much is the effort?

Of course, the installation of premium radar detectors and laser jammers is also associated with cost and effort. What matters is which radar detector for permanent installation or which combination of radar detector, laser jammer, eso blocker, police finder etc. you choose. With our complete radar and laser protection solutions, there are synergy effects during installation, e.g. when it comes to looking for a power supply and dismantling the bumper. Furthermore, the installation effort depends on your specific car model, e.g. the design of the bumper. The individual car interior may require a certain amount of additional effort during installation. The possibly time-consuming search for cable routes into the interior of your car or searching for ignition voltage also depends on the individual vehicle. The installation time is usually from 4 to 8 hours with two technicians working in parallel. It can be a little longer for exotic cars and special clients requests.

Interested customers should know what to do when the official car dealer garage cannot or does not want to install such radar detection or laser jamming systems. Of course, there is also a lack of experience in installing radar detectors and laser jammers and an understanding of how they work, because the positioning of components in the front of the vehicle cannot be chosen arbitrarily.

Your request for an installation of radar detectors and laser jammers

Personal and discreet service for our customers is very important to us. If you have any further questions or need any other help, simply fill out our contact form under "Inquiry". A team member will reply to your message as soon as possible and discuss details about the installation of radar and laser protection equipment to your car.

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