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October 13, 2021

Fixed-installation radar detectors - or is a mobile radar detector sufficient?

In principle, radar detector and laserjammer systems with integrated GPS speed camera database are the best option as such broad range of technology is necessary due to the various speed measurement technologies used by the police and other authrities in order to achieve complete radar and laser protection.

Radar detector for the dashboard?

The radar detectors for the dashboard, which have been known for many years, offer only limited protection. Such mobile radar detectors can report radar cameras, as well as permanently installed speed cameras, provided the radar detector has an integrated GPS functionality and speed camera database.

There is also a pure warning function against laser. However, this is a pure warning only, not an active jamming. So it can be too late at the moment of the warning because a successful speed measurement has already taken place with the laser gun. There is no possibility of warning or jamming against the new "eso" measurements or video recording speed measurements with Provida systems. 

The premium high end radar detectors e.g. from Stinger with laser protection for permanent installation represent an absolute innovation, they warn of mobile radar, laser and permanently installed speed cameras with the help of GPS. In addition, you might consider adding an eso 3.0 jammer, as "eso" measurements are increasingly used in Germany. Mobile radar detectors are not effective against this speed camera.

Mobile radar detectors - advantages and disadvantages

Mobile radar detectors must have a clear view to the road and must therefore be attached to the windshield from the inside. Such radar detectors are also visible from the outside and have a visible cable that connects the mobile radar detector with the cigarette lighter for power supply. The mobile radar detectors can be installed or removed quickly in a few seconds. However, these have only a comparatively reduced protection against some new speed cameras that are used in Germany ("eso"). The radar detection range is also reduced if the windshield has a metallized layer.

Fixed-installation radar detector - advantages and disadvantages

The hidden installation of a complete radar detector and laser jammer system is the best solution and protects against almost all measurements in all European countries. The addition of Target Blueye against video tracking measurements / recordings is also very advisable for Germany. In principle, such a complete system with radar detector and laser jammer must be professionally installed. It cannot easily be taken from vehicle to vehicle without a few hours of work of professional technicians. However, if the car is sold or returned as a leasing vehicle, such a system can be removed again without leaving any residue. The reinstallation of the whole and complete radar warning system in the new car is also possible without any problems.

Please take a look at our high-end fixed-installation radar detector solutions and check out our example videos of client cars.

Detection range of radar detectors

The range of premium radar detector ranges from 80m-500m (sometimes more with hidden installation), with fixed-mounted radar detectors having a comparatively significantly wider detection range. Local conditions such as curves, hilltops, bridges, etc. can influence the performance and range. Significantly more expensive devices such as the radar detector Stinger VIP as a high-end reference device offer widest detection range and are also in the premium price segment due to their better sensitivity and performance.

All radar detectors differ primarily in terms of their sensitivity and thus their range and advance radar and laser warning distance, but also through special features such as voice output and the number of frequencies being scanned. Some, but not all, speed measurement methods used by the police also work with mobile devices, but the detection range is far less. Professional fixed-installation devices are technically much more complex and are therefore located in the upper price segment of radar detectors and offer significantly more protection against the multitude of different speed measurements used in European countries.

Update options for radar detectors

Both high-quality mobile radar detectors and the premim radar detectors for fixed installation offer the option of updating the software and the GPS speed camera database. In particular, updating the GPS coordinates of the fixed speed cameras is important and should usually be carried out by the driver 2-3 times a year. Some radar detector manufacturers offer free updates, while others charge a small fee.

The high-quality fixed installation solutions also offer software updates for the laser jammer and the firmware for the radar antenna so that existing older radar detector systems for invisible permanent installation can always be kept up to date.

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