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October 13, 2021

Speed measurements with one-sided sensor eso 3.0 ("light barrier")

In the last few years, a new mobile speed measuring device has been introduced, especially in Germany: the so-called "one-sided sensor eso es 3.0", which, due to its earlier speed camera generations, is sometimes also referred to as light barrier measurement. The es 3.0 measuring device is distinctive due to its characteristic structure and can be easily recognized due to the large number of photos on the Internet.

Structure of eso sensor measurement

The speed measuring device is installed at the roadside. The approx. 50cm high gray bar with five round lenses is the actual measuring device. The incidence of light is measured at right angles to the road with highly sensitive lenses. If this incidence of light changes in quick succession, a vehicle passes the measuring space. The speed of the passing vehicle is calculated electronically from this measurement. If this is higher than the speed limit that was set on the measuring camera, a photo is triggered by the camera, which is placed several meters behind the measuring unit. The picture shows the measured car with driver, license plate number and the driven speed.

Warning of sensor measurements

In principle, even proven and well-functioning high end radar detectors and laser systems have no effect here, as neither radar nor laser light waves are emitted by the eso measuring device.

After no protection was possible for a long time, there is now a remedy in the form of the dedicated jammers, which are installed as a fixed installation hidden on the license plate. An eso jammer is also available in complete Stinger systems as an extension for installation on the license plate holder.

Even with this active protection, the driver does not receive any visual or acoustic warnings or messages when passing such a speed measuring camera. Under usual circumstances, the car simply passes the measuring point without enabling a valid speed measurement and triggering a photo.

When installing such eso jammers to the license plate, make sure that the correct alignment and height are selected to ensure proper jamming functionality. A professional installation is recommended accordingly.

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