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February 11, 2022

Why are the price differences for radar detectors so big?

Cheap is not always good - what good is a cheap radar detector if there is no warning at the right moment?

Indeed, it is confusing at first glance when there are radar detector offers for 100 EUR on the Internet and radar detector systems for several thousand EUR are offered elsewhere. How can this be? Where are the differences and what is important?

Criterion 1 - Functionality of the radar detector

There are very big differences in the range of features. This mainly concerns technical aspects, such as the type of speed cameras that the radar detector can detect at all. The term "speed camera" is commonly used, but there are many different measuring systems in use by the authorities. Some, especially mobile measuring methods such as eso or laser, can only be effectively protected against by fixed devices in the front of the vehicle.

Criterion 2 - Performance of the radar detector

In addition to the radar detector's range of functions, there are of course a number of other differences between the various radar detector solutions in terms of operability, display size and the options for setting the radar detector and laser jammer specifically to individual user wishes. The advantages usually only become apparent to the user after using the radar detector for some time. The features of high-quality radar detectors for the automatic suppression of false alarms also only showcase their value if the customer has already used a low-cost radar detector in the past.

Criterion 3 - Discreet use of the radar detector

Many radar detectors are designed to be mounted on the windscreen or dashboard. Of course, a radar detector here is easily recognisable as such from the outside. In addition, the cable that has to be connected to the cigarette lighter for power supply is not very attractive in the cockpit.

In the case of the fixed devices, the size of the laser transmitter in the front area is of particular importance, the smaller the better. The size and operability of the display in the cockpit is also an important criterion for many customers.

Some customers want the display to be visible, while others do not want to see it at all and want it to be positioned in the glove compartment. This is also possible because the radar alarms are also emitted acoustically via a separate loudspeaker.

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